Dial Tone Operator byAura Satz looks back to the early days of telephony, when calls were dialled by switchboard operators. This human intervention was later replaced by the automatic dial tone. Here, the dial tone is composed into experimental drone music, evoking the underlying hum of the city and tuning in and out of human speech.

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I-ya I against I
Flesh of my flesh
And mind of my mind
Two of a kind but one won’t survive
My images reflect in the enemies eye
And his images reflect in mine the same time


Contenidos expandidos utilizando Realidad Aumentada en la exposición de los Premios FAD:

1. Descargar la aplicación Aurasma (iOS y Android). 
2. Buscar el canal PremisFAD. 
3. Señale las imágenes marcadas con el icono de móvil para acceder a los contenidos adicionales


Augmented Reality demonstration on the FAD Awards exhibition. To access extra content during the exhibition: 

1. Download the Aurasma app (iOS and Android). 
2. Search and follow the PremisFAD channel. 
3. Point to the images marked with the mobile icon to access the additional features.

/// A project by ArquinFAD. Interactions by dpr-barcelona
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